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Acne Studios Spring/Summer 2022 men’s collection, mixed media represents of human begins by artist Rabin Huissen are featured as prints on rage of garments.

Acne Studios Spring/Summer 2022 men’s collection, mixed media represents of human begins by artist Rabin Huissen are featured as prints on rage of garments.

Rabin Huissen who FYI has been highlighting his talents and showcasing his works as a rising conceptual artist for the past few years. Today, we bring you back where everything was born, Bangkok Thailand, where his works were created, and his heart feels like home. FYI and Huissen meets again on this special interview to congrats on his exciting journey with Acne Studio Spring/ Summer 2022 men’s collection, and as a witness where his work was born, we are eager to learn more on where his exciting journey started, and what conversation was talked.

Portrait Photographer by Mark Brants

Recording of the human condition

Based in the Netherlands, Huissen’s work is an exploration of the soul’s communicative energy and the concept of time. He used several disciplines; photography, drawing, painting, and installation, to address the present moment and the human condition. Through a practice of “letting go” and following his intuition, he manifests imagery which could be seen as pages of his diary.

First “How did you and Acne Studio came across?”

Huissen: Acne-Studios approached me if I was interested in doing a collaboration together. I have known Acne for a long time now as a creative brand that goes beyond only beautiful clothes. I love what they do and the way how they have found their own identity. They love to experiment and find new meanings of what clothes can be. Always new and fluid. In the same way they experiment by integrating art and design into their stores around the world. Stores that look like tasteful contemporary art galleries. I am interested in crossovers of disciplines. So, I was straight away interested. For me these crossovers are a place where ‘change’ begins and where news things happen. But before I said yes, I wanted to know more about how Acne-Studios sees this collaboration, so I had a meeting with the creative team. During our video call I immediately felt at ease with the team. I could explain the concepts behind my art practice and that my photograms are evidences of an intimate body experience, based on traveling out of daily life, undressed from social roles or masks. They could relate with my ideas, and me with theirs. They made me re-think fashion in general and how clothes connect with the human body. But also, how a print of my body on a garment could connect with people. I fantasize of the possibility for people to travel to the original location where the photograms were made, by following the annotations inside the garments.
My work is about my history links to other’s people’s history. So of course, I said yes to collaborate! 

In conversation with Acne-Studios
Huissen: After many inspiring conversations I made a proposal for a selection of artworks and direction that could be interesting for the collection. I explained the team my concepts behind these life-size photograms. About my working process and color codes that I use in my work. Each color refers to a specific day of the week. So, Sunday is Red, Monday is Yellow, Tuesday is Pink, Wednesday is Green, etc. The color or color combination reveals on which day(s) of the week the artwork was made.
Together with Jonny (creative director) and his team we made a final selection. His design team designed and have well integrated the artworks onto the garments.

I would love to know how the experience was, working together between artists. 

Huissen: My works result from meticulous rituals, where I follows a script with instructions, I sets for himself and others, in order to trace movements in time. The scripts work as a frame on a structural level, where I am the initiator and often “performer” but where I also invites others to take part in. These are the ingredients of my work: the script, which sets up a situation, human contact and the natural conditions which allow for the experience to happen. A diverse spectrum of results appears, from small to human scale photogram prints, letters, and postcards I exchanges with others, series of photos and sculptural objects. I use mixed discipline(s) such as photography, drawing, painting, and installation. I use the material in my surrounding and use inks, paint, and pigments. Each artwork must be finished on the day itself.  

AcneStudios x RabinHuissen

What is your favorite item in the collection?
My favorite item in the collection is the over-sized sweater with red hands so enlarged that it seems to be superhuman. It’s surreal and abstract at the same time. The structure of the print is so refined, detailed and very beautifully made. Two hands are positioned at the bottom of the sweater and give an illusion of two hands of a giant. Hands that greet, hands to touch another hand. No gesture is universal, a flat palm raised could signify a goodbye as much as a hello.

AcneStudios x RabinHuissen

Acne studios – Digging in more on the brand

Acne – Ambition to Create Novel Expression

Acne studios is a Stockholm-based fashion house with a multidisciplinary approach. The brand represented the founder and Creative Director Jonny Johansson’s interests and contemporary designs characteristic, which can be trace back to the beginning of Acne’s stories.

In 1996, ACNE was a group of graphic design, film, production, and advertising creatives collective known as – Associated Computer Nerd Enterprises, until 1997 Jonny designed 100 pairs of raw denim jeans with red stitching and gave them away to friends, from then the jeans became a hit and was pick up by the well-known fashion media like Wallpaper and Vogue Paris which changed the face of ACNE design categories.

ACNE enters the fashion industry by renaming as Acne studio and been launching ready to wear, magazines, furniture, books, and exhibitions, collaborating with artist and people in the creative industries, creating exciting multidisciplinary collections which doesn’t follow the trends but convey the cultural movements and quickly captured young millennials attention and spread-out fashion fans and art appreciators that was attracted by the Scandinavian minimalistic style.

Acne’s style is unavoidable from the minimalistic font logo to the attention to details and gallery like store designs.

Acne’s store design is a minimalist which has a distinguish designs according to its location, but all seems like an art gallery and the objects selected into the store is displayed as an art piece itself. Since Acne is involved in the art industry together as in the fashion spotlight. A collaboration with an artist seems to fit Acne’s profile and display well in Acne’s gallery stores worldwide.

Together, Huissen’s work and concept seems to implement Acne studio’s multidisciplinary approach very well, they seem to be the perfect match for this men’s summer collection. Huissen’s subtle blueprints colors combination which has translate to his final prints, are well arranged on the garments to compliment the signature juxtaposing design of what acne was initially established from. The mapping of Huissen’s human condition diary prints on the physical human body, seems to play with the interpretation of the multi mediums also the actual human body itself. It seems like a combination of brilliant designs together with a secret conspiracy meaning to be unboxed for each individual style.

It feels exciting to activate the art by watching but can also be able to wear and take part in the recording of this human experience condition through Acne studios and Huissen collaboration.

Among the collaborative capsule, the prints grace a t-shirt, a short-sleeved shirt, long sleeved tops, tunics, an oversized zip-up hoodie and trousers.

The Rabin Huissen print pieces are now available in Acne Studio stores worldwide and online at from 22 February 2022.

AcneStudios x RabinHuissen
AcneStudios x RabinHuissen
AcneStudios x RabinHuissen
AcneStudios x RabinHuissen
AcneStudios x RabinHuissen
AcneStudios x RabinHuissen

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