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Austrian Wine Tasting in Bangkok

Austrian Wine Tasting in Bangkok

Small is beautiful – that is what best describes Austrian wine, when put into international perspective. Wines from Austria are now highly appreciated both by wine experts and wine lovers all around the world and can be found on almost every refined wine list. A total of 47 leading Austrian wine producers from all wine regions in Austria presented the unique tastes of their wines at the first stand-alone Austrian Wine Tasting in Thailand at the SO Hotel in Bangkok organized by ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA. About 1/3 of the wines presented at the event are already available in Thailand, 2/3 of the wineries are looking for new partners in order to enter the Thai market. The wines were jointly presented with 8 local importers and distributors (Black Forest Distribution, FIN – Fabulous Is Needed, GFour International, IWS – Independent Wine & Spirit, italasia, Napaphan Wine Cellar, Siam Winery and Wine Garage), that already have Austrian wine in stock.

Austrian wine goes very well with (spicy) Thai cuisine, as well as with Asian food in general. Up to now, the availability of Austrian wines in Thailand has been quite limited. Wines from our small country, located in the heart of Europe, have been little known in this part of the world so far. Therefore, the aim of the Austrian Wine Tasting was to increase the number of local distributors of Austrian wine, so that step-by-step customers may find Austrian wines in more and more upper-class hotels and restaurants. Additionally, the event was designated to enlarge the network of distributors that directly supply to private wine connoisseurs in Thailand.

The event exclusively targeted professionals of the Thai wine and hospitality industry: This included especially importers, distributors, F&B managers of hotels and restaurants, sommeliers and journalists.

Highlight of the event was the exclusive Trade Session & Wine Tasting, where wine professionals could discover the unique taste of 47 Austrian wine producers. In total, visitors could explore more than 150 different wines from all regions of Austria!

In addition, selected sommeliers of leading restaurants and importers got the chance to participate in an Austrian Wine Master Class. During this session, the participants could explore a variety of typical Austrian grapes, presented by wine expert Christophe Mercier of WINE & SPIRIT IQ, and experience the full spectrum that Austrian wines have to offer.

Mr. Günther Sucher, Austrian Commercial Counsellor and Head of ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA in Bangkok, has been promoting Austrian wines in Thailand over the last 5 years. He is extremely pleased with the growing interest of Thai industry experts in Austrian wine: “More than 150 representatives of the Thai wine industry joined our Austrian Wine Tasting, which is a great success during COVID-times. I am confident that we will find more Austrian wines in restaurants and hotels after this tasting.”

“Austrian wines have a compact body and climate-driven freshness which makes them an excellent partner for Thai cuisine. Take for example Som Tam, a dish that combines sweetness, fruity acidity and above all fiery spice, which poses a particular challenge to the wine accompaniment. Austrian wines can cope with these challenges, for instance Grüner Veltliner which is high in extract and therefore tames the incendiary spice with agility, highlights the flavor of the coriander leaves (cilantro) and proves itself a lively companion with its fresh apple-toned fruit.”

“Whoever has not managed to taste Austrian wine in Bangkok is cordially invited to visit one of the importers and distributors that already have Austrian wine in stock. In contrast to better-known wine-producing countries, family run wineries dominate the Austrian winemaking scene, which is why the focus is not on mass production. Nonetheless, Austria’s wines are excellent value for money in all the profitable price bands. Be prepared to be amazed by the unique and distinctive flavors that Austrian wine has to offer!”

Information on Wine & Dine: Austrian wines offer the perfect accompaniment to an array of dishes and food styles, from Central European to Mediterranean cuisine, right through to Asian and Oriental dishes. This is due to their compact and elegant body and fresh style; the result of climatic conditions.

For Thai cuisine which is rich in fiery chili, the right wine requires sweetness and extract, to lessen the searing heat. Robust Grüner Veltliner or Riesling with well-integrated acidity are nicely suited, as are indigenous & full-bodied RotgipflerZierfandler or Roter Veltliner. The residual sugar and fruit of a Beerenauslese also cool the fire. At the same time a robust Chardonnay (barrique) is great with prawns, lobster or chicken in curry. Its velvety tones attenuate the hot spices and emphasize the succulent sweetness of the seafood. Generally speaking, wines should not have too much acidity or tannin, and white wines ought to have a bit of bottle age. 

Wine lovers who want to find the perfect wine to accompany their meals can find in-depth information on the right wine selection on the webpage of the Austrian Wine Marketing Board.


ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA, with around 100 offices in over 70 countries, provides a broad range of intelligence and business development services for both Austrian companies and their international business partners. Around 800 employees around the world can assist you in locating Austrian suppliers and business partners. We organize about 1,200 events every year to bring business contacts together. Other services provided by ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA offices range from introductions to Austrian companies looking for importers, distributors or agents to providing in-depth information on Austria as a business location and assistance in entering the Austrian market.

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