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From Paris to Shanghaï,Clarins’ First Oversea Laboratory Settled in China, to Start a New Era of R&D

From Paris to Shanghaï,Clarins’ First Oversea Laboratory Settled in China, to Start a New Era of R&D

On September 10th, Clarins officially established its first overseas laboratory in Shanghai, China. Mr. Alan Zhong, Executive Vice President of Clarins Greater China, and Mr. Xu Bin, General Manager of Clarins China, jointly opened the “Door to Paris” in Shanghai and meanwhile, Dr. Olivier Courtin Clarins, Managing Director of Clarins Group, Mr. Jonathan Zrihen, Clarins Global CEO, and Ms. Nathalie Issachar, Clarins Group’s Research and Development Director, attended this ceremony in Paris from the other side of the screen. Together the guests from both China and France celebrated this milestone of the brand. With golden glittering sequins blooming in the skies in both sides, this officially opened a new era of Clarins’ research and development in China.

Being the pioneer in skin care, Clarins devoted more than 60 years in plant science and has been always listening to women. The establishment of Clarins Lab in China means that the brand will continue to uphold its pioneering spirit and shoulder the mission of listening to the beauty needs of Chinese women. More revolutionary new achievements with Asian and Chinese concepts are expected to come from here.


Clarins Beauty Story Continues in China

Clarins was born in Paris in 1954. As a pioneer brand in skin care, Clarins has successfully created a variety of classic hero product, striving to show the natural beauty of women.

Mr. Olivier Courtin-Clarins, Managing Director of Clarins Group, said, “In 1999, we visited China for the first time and saw great potential for China market with our local partners. Since the entry, innovation and listening to women continues. Many hero product in China market today are highly tailor-made for Chinese women. Today, Clarins wants to go further. The opening of the Clarins China Lab allows the brand to better understand the skin of Asian women with most cutting-edge technology. In addition, more inspirations from Chinese medicine and wisdom would be explored here in the lab. We hope that this laboratory can not only provide idea on new products for the Asian market, but also bring innovation to markets in other regions of the world. “

Mr. Jonathan Zrihen, Global CEO of Clarins Group, then shared his expectation for China market, “The China market has always been a strategic focus for Clarins. Two years ago, China has become the largest market globally for Clarins. We are very grateful to Chinese consumers who appreciate our innovative products.  With all the support and love for Chinese consumers, we believe that the establishment of Clarins China Lab in Shanghai will have a significant impact to develop future products, to understand better consumers expectations and to solidify our position in the China market, which is the biggest skincare market in the world. With cutting-edge technology and advanced equipment, more customized skin care solutions, adapted formulas and new innovation  are expected from this lab.”

Mr. Alan Zhong, Executive Vice President of Clarins Greater China, said, “The completion of the Clarins China Lab follows the standards of the Clarins Paris Lab in order to better listen to and understand the changing needs of Chinese consumers and develop products and experiences with continuous innovation. From the application, site selection, establishment of the laboratory to the final settlement in Jing’an District, we would like to thank the strong support from Jing’an local government. At present, Clarins’ R&D, trading, and e-commerce functions are all rooted in Jing’an. It has benefited greatly from favorable domestic industrial policies and a good business environment in Jing’an. Clarins has developed rapidly in China in recent years, and we are full of confidence in the prospects of the China market. In the future, there will be more sustained and stable investment in the areas of product development, marketing, corporate social responsibility and other aspects.”

After Clarins settled in Jing’an and officially entered the China market years ago, this time it chose to join hands with Jing’an again. The Jing’an District Government expressed its high expectation for the laboratory. In recent years, through a series of policy combinations and business environment optimization measures, Jing’an District has further strengthened its industrial development capabilities. Especially after the merger of the two districts, with enhanced industrial flexibility, it provides enterprises with one-stop development space. It is believed that the completion of Clarins China Lab will greatly promote the overall development of R&D and cosmetics industry, as well as the improvement of talent resources in Jing’an District. It is expected that Clarins can continue to grow vigorously in Shanghai and gather momentum to promote the sustained and healthy economic development of Jing’an District.

Cutting-edge Technology in Skin Care and Insistence in Listening to Women

The Clarins China Lab, located in Jing’an District, Shanghai, covers an area of more than 500 square meters. Its research directions are mainly focused in three areas: in vitro experiments, sensory experiments and clinical experiments. After the launching ceremony, the guests visited the Clarins China Lab. The live broadcast was also synchronized online through major social platforms, giving netizens the opportunity to experience the leading R&D strength of Clarins online.

In terms of in vitro experiments, the Clarins China Lab will use biological analysis techniques to screen active ingredients and verify their efficacy. In terms of clinical trials, the Clarins China Lab has introduced advanced technology and equipment from the United States and Europe, including Color Face, Life Viz Mini, Pericam, Cutometer and specialist equipment for measuring skin physiology. The professional instruments accurately test the skin condition of users, strictly ensuring that the test results are authoritative and scientifically analyze the differences by using the product to determine its efficacy.

In terms of sensory experiments, Clarins China Lab will invite Chinese consumers with perceptive senses to form sensory panel. After professional training, the panel will evaluate skin care products qualitatively and quantitatively to determine whether the produce sensory performance indicators meet the skin care preferences and needs of Chinese consumers. To directly communicate with consumers better helps Chinese women achieve precise skin care.

With the increasingly fierce market competition in recent years, many beauty and skin care companies have increased their investment in research and development equipment and talent reserves. Clarins, with a history of innovation, exploration and focus on cutting-edge scientific research, is no exception. Over the years, it has invested tremendously in research and development.

Ms. Nathalie Issachar, R&D Director of Clarins Group, said that after the establishment of the Clarins China Lab, it will receive products developed from the French laboratory for further evaluation and verification. This helps us understand whether the new formula products can be well received by Chinese consumers. The Chinese laboratory gives us more opportunities to directly understand the skin care needs of Chinese consumers and allows us to experiment with traditional Chinese medicine and plant ingredients as well.

We will work closely with skin care research and development partners in China, and beauty bloggers to integrate bionics and plant science, to create more unparalleled groundbreaking beauty formulas.

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