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Creative Charity Comeback

Creative Charity Comeback

Just before corona hit us, Boaz Zippor launched his “creative philanthropy” project, using his artwork to raise funds for charity.

“we put so much effort in organizing these events, bringing cultural value and entertainment to the local community, while raising funds for the charity foundation, and just as we started getting momentum and really started taking off, everything closed down”

Zippor, a famous artist and an international creative guru, a musician, poet, author and veteran of the branding and marketing fields, did not let the situation break his spirit.

Creative Charity Comeback

“we used these two years of unwanted pause to work on some other projects, a couple of books, a new youtube channel etc, but I was just waiting for the world to open again so I can go back to the charity art exhibitions and sales”

The charity zippor chose to help is the highly regarded “gift of happiness foundation” run by Eddie Haworth, a hallmark in the local charity scene for the past two decades.

“it is a small and very transparent charity that helps so many children around Thailand every month, and my small contribution, or to be exact, your small contribution, through my events, help keep the lights on, pay the gas for the trucks and keep the foundation working. Every single baht that is collected goes to actually changing some kids life”

Zippor brings the experience of forty years of being an artist and creative, with dozens of exhibitions around the world, and works in private collections in eleven countries, to help the fund raising efforts.

“usually, artists are not really good with money, but thanks to my decades in marketing and branding I can maximize the effect of these charity art sales. We already have started working on the plan for 2023 and I hope we can get back on the horse as fast as possible and manage to bring a steady stream of revenue for the charity.”

The first exhibition that launches this post-corona “creative philanthropy” exhibitions will be held on the 8th of October in the trendy Sathorn11 arts space, with several local and international musicians to entertain the guests.

The event is free and open to the public.
For direct donations please contact
For support to the “Creative Philanthropy” –

“Creative Philanthropy “ – Boaz Zippor – Art exhibition charity sale event Sathorn 11 arts space – 8th October – 16:00-21:00

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