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Hong Kong Art Toy Story is gearing up to rock the first Hong Kong Pavilion in Thailandwith original art toys that will be grandly displayed at Thailand Toy Expo 2023

Hong Kong Art Toy Story is gearing up to rock the first Hong Kong Pavilion in Thailand
with original art toys that will be grandly displayed at Thailand Toy Expo 2023

Calling all art toys fans and beginning toy collectors! Hong Kong Art Toy Story has chosen 20 experienced and emerging Hong Kong artists, designers, and art toy creators whose work is remarkable and internationally recognized to exhibit their original art toys in the Hong Kong Pavilion at Thailand Toy Expo 2023.

Since 1980, Hong Kong artists and designers have popularized art toys around the world. With the creation and development of new styles, art toy is no longer just a “toy”. Hong Kong artists are now regarded as leaders in the art toy industry and are frequently invited to organize exhibitions in many countries. Their works have also become iconic and valuable collectibles that art toy collectors continue to collect.

KC Wong Art
Ryan Lee

Hong Kong Art Toy Story previously featured a collection of auctioned masterpieces, a series of works in the possession of a museum, and 300 art toys in Let’s Unbox! This exhibition inside the Thailand Toy Expo 2022, which had previously been held from September 9–18, 2022, featured the creations of Hong Kong’s artists whose pioneering work

Victor Wong
Timmy Lee

In 2023, Hong Kong Art Toy Story will present the first Hong Kong Pavilion at the Thailand Toy Expo (TTE), which will welcome over 300,000 visitors throughout the four-day event. The exhibition aims to capture the hearts of Thai audiences in the same way that they did for the previous exhibition by showcasing the works of 20 carefully chosen Hong Kong artists, opening up new perspectives and experiences with art toys.

Orson Li
Pat Lee
Josept Tang

Prepare to meet famous artists and designers including Pat Lee, a comic artist and creative director who has partnered with DC and Marvel to create famous franchises such as Batman, Superman, Iron Man, X-Men, and many more, as well as a co-founder of Toy Genius Limited., a company that built its great empire in the international art toy industry; Ryan Lee, the creator of Rumbbell character that encourages people to pay more attention to their health; Winson Ma, the artist who creates Apexplorers, Apexworker, Firespecter, Necoco chocolate cat, Polarla, and the Artdol Family; Miloza Ma, the creator of Angel Cat and Lady series, and; Orson Li, the creator of Nick the Robot. The artists will interact with their fans. The exhibition will also feature the work of 15 up-and-coming designers and artists for Thai people to reserve and admire closely.

Knoa Chung
Gino Lai
Felix Ip

Hong Kong Art Toy Story is organized by the Innovative Entrepreneur Association (IEA) with the support of Create Hong Kong (CreateHK) with the goal of creating experience and joy, fulfilling imagination, and sparking inspiration through art toys created by Hong Kong artists.

Helen Tam
Micky Mic
Gilbert Yam
LeonLollipop Profile Pic

The Hong Kong Pavilion of Hong Kong Art Toy Story is preparing to showcase many art toys and activities for Thai audiences to exclusively experience at Thailand Toy Expo 2023, which will take place from 6 to 9 April 2023 zone Atrium 3 at CentralWorld. The event is free for all attendees.


Follow the activity schedule and find out more information at and on social media at @hkarttoystory on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Line.

Winson Ma_Profile photo

About Innovative Entrepreneur Association, the organizer of Hong Kong Art Toy:

The Innovative Entrepreneur Association is a Hong Kong-based art event and exhibition organizer founded by the winners of the Innovative Entrepreneur Awards. The Association invites award winners to share their experiences, knowledge, and business strategies in order to promote and support the creative business among entrepreneurs, as well as to help with the training and promotion of exhibitions for emerging artists around the world. Prior to Bangkok, the Association held exhibitions in Shanghai and Taipei.

The Hong Kong Art Toy Story is one of the exhibitions and activities is one of the exhibitions and activities in which the Innovation Entrepreneur Association has participated as an exhibitor at the Thailand Toy Expo. Hong Kong Art Toy Story gathers artists and brings art toys to be displayed in Thailand in order to promote the Hong Kong art toy industry. Not only does the exhibition introduce interesting design brand toys, but it also provides an opportunity for Hong Kong artists and designers to come and explore the attractiveness of art toys in Thailand, which has a high potential.

Sunny Tam

About Create Hong Kong (CreateHK), the event’s main sponsor:

Create Hong Kong (CreateHK) is an organization founded by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government to support the growth of the Hong Kong art industry. The organization encourages talented artists and designers and provides them with opportunities to exhibit their work in public. The goal is to continue pushing Hong Kong to become a leader in the arts and a creative business in Asia.

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