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“Liudui 300” Exhibition on History of the Hakka People Revealing the beauty of art and culture that is hard to find

“Liudui 300” Exhibition on History of the Hakka People Revealing the beauty of art and culture that is hard to find

The Thailand Creative & Design Center (TCDC) invites you to learn about the history of the Hakka people through artworks displayed in “Liudui 300”, one of the exhibitions in Bangkok Design Week 2022. The exhibition illustrates the Hakka people’s settlement at the foot of Mount Tai Mu, Gao Ping District, southern Taiwan for more than 300 years. The Hakka people and their traditions showcase a great cultural diversity.

In Thailand, the Hakka dialect is the second most used language among Chinese people in the country. Like the Hakka people elsewhere, the Chinese ethnic group strives to spread their linguistic and cultural heritage to the world and is doing precisely that through the exhibition at the Bangkok Design Week 2022.  Organized by the Thailand Creative and Design Center (TCDC), visitors can appreciate the culture through products and goods from Hakka farmers displayed in the “Liudui 300” exhibition.

The Hakka people in Taiwan chose to settle at the foot of Mount Tai Mubecause of the warm weather and abundant year-round water supply. This climate and geography allows them to produce quality soybean oil, soy sauce and wine that is fermented to have a very unique taste. The fertile land is also suitable for growing fruit, cocoa and coffee. The Hakka Association was later founded to help small farmers in the area. Together, they have developed their product brands that emphasize local identity. The most popular product is “Taiwan beer” which can also be found at this exhibition.

The hidden meaning in the logo of the Liu Tui 300 exhibition consists of an important symbol: the scenic view of Gaoping District with the beautiful landscape of Mount Tai Mu Peak and the unique arts and culture as seen in the designs of various products such as coffee mugs, bags, hats and t-shirts. In particular, the “Nine Mask” with 9 floral patterns, namely Hom Muen Li, Hang Nak Yung, Champi Kaew, Orange Jasmine, Yi Hup, Peach Blossom, Gardenia, Cockscomb and Ixora, has become very popular during the pandemic.

The exhibition “Liu Tui 300” will be on display at Bangkok Design Week 2022 at The Nestel Living in The Gallery from February 5-13, 2022 from 10:00 – 19:00. You can follow the Bangkok Design Festival 2022 at >>

Instagram: @thenestel

About ‘BKKDW 2022’

Bangkok Design Week 2022 gives space to designers, creators, entrepreneurs, producers, artists, public agencies, and individuals in different fields to explore ideas for coexistence with COVID-19 as a prelude to the finding of a new way of life and the preparation for the future.

The fifth edition of Bangkok Design Week will be organized from 5 to 13 February 2022 with the theme of “Co With Creation” with a focus on three aspects: 1) encouraging creators’ creativity and experimentation to create new normal lifestyles, 2) supporting creative businesses and communities to generate income, and 3) revitalizing the vigour of Charoenkrung-Talad Noi, Samyan, Ari-Pradipat, Thonglor-Ekkamai, Phra Nakhon, and other districts, as well as the people in the districts, through online and offline activities.


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