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20 Hong Kong artists attend Thailand Toy Expo 2023 with the Hong Kong Pavilion to specially welcome art toy fans before returning home with smiles and great impressions

20 Hong Kong artists attend Thailand Toy Expo 2023 with the Hong Kong Pavilion to specially welcome art toy fans before returning home with smiles and great impressions

On April 6th, Ms. Coty Yip, President of the Innovative Entrepreneur Association (IEA), as the organizer of the Hong Kong Art Toy Story, along with Mrs. Lowell Cho, Assistant Head of Create Hong Kong of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Ms. Helen Wong, Head of Public Relations of Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in Thailand, Ms. Shirley Ng, Director of Thailand and South Asia, Hong Kong Trade and Development council traveled to Thailand to preside over the opening ceremony of the first Hong Kong Pavilion in the Thailand Toy Expo 2023, the largest toy exhibition in Thailand. A total of 20 Hong Kong exhibiting designers also presented their original art toys and shared their experiences with the audiences, highlighting the success of Hong Kong Art Toy Story, which has been warmly accepted by both Thai and foreign visitors at the exhibition from April 6 – 9, 2023.

Ms. Coty Yip shared, “The Hong Kong art toy industry has been in business for more than 20 years. Last year, we had the opportunity to hold the exhibition ‘Let’s Unbox! 2022 Hong Kong Art Toy Story, Thailand Chapter’ at the Thailand Toy Expo 2022, which was a huge success. The number of guests exceeded 300,000, which is why we would like to organize the event again. We carefully pick artists from various styles of art to display and introduce their work to the public at the first-ever ‘Hong Kong Pavilion’ in Thailand. It’s also a good opportunity for the artists to meet new people and explore the different art toy market as well.”

Thailand Toy Expo 2023

The exhibition area of the Hong Kong Pavilion included 5 experienced designers and 15 emerging artists with unique styles, totalling 20 artists. Limited edition art toys and new collections were on display for the first time. Their designs were so popular that some of their blind boxes have been sold out since the first day.

Four Hong Kong artists had a session to share their work experiences, design viewpoints, and their past exhibition experience on the stage of the Thailand Toy Expo 2023. On Saturday, April 8, Miloza Ma told the story behind the ‘Miloza Art Space’ which has become a home for her creations. Ryan Lee also discussed the origins of the ‘Rumbell’ character and brought the special edition of his art toy to the event for the first time. On Sunday, April 9, Orson li, the creator of the character NICK THE ROBOT, talked about the opportunity for his character to participate in numerous projects and spread positive energy. Finally, Pat Lee, a comic artist and creative director who has worked with DC and Marvel, shared his staging exhibition experiences in several countries, including the United States, which has helped his work become recognizable and well-known among collectors.

Thailand Toy Expo 2023
Thailand Toy Expo 2023

Art toy artists and their work on display were the stars of the four-day event, but another feature of the Hong Kong Pavilion was the artists’ drawings drawn along the wall, attracting all of the visitors. We got to see the unique creations of Winson Ma, Timmy Lee or Tim.ark, Gino Lai of TOOPLASTIC, John Ng Hoi Tai or Fatboyjon, Helen Tam of Cafe de Bollo, LeonLollipop, Gilbert Yam of Kama Kitsune, and Sunny Tam of 78JO. The exclusive activities did not end here; anyone who purchased the work received an autograph from the artist as a gift, which was only available during the event.

Hong Kong Pavilion by Hong Kong Art Toy Story showcases art toys for Thai people at the Thailand Toy Expo 2023 which was held on April 6-9, 2023, at Atrium Zone 3 at CentralWorld. Admission was free of charge. The interactions and smiles of the audience who visited the Hong Kong Pavilion can give exceptional impressions and experiences to the 20 Hong Kong artists who will return home and create new creative works in the future. They also believe that this will be the start of a positive relationship between Hong Kong artists and Thai and foreign collectors.

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About Innovative Entrepreneur Association, the organizer of Hong Kong Art Toy:

The Innovative Entrepreneur Association (IEA) is a Hong Kong-based art event and exhibition organizer founded by the winners of the Innovative Entrepreneur Awards. The Association invites award winners to share their experiences, knowledge, and business strategies in order to promote and support the creative business among entrepreneurs, as well as to help with the training and promotion of exhibitions for emerging artists around the world. Prior to Bangkok, the Association held exhibitions in Shanghai and Taipei.

The Hong Kong Art Toy Story is one of the exhibitions and activities is one of the exhibitions and activities in which the Innovation Entrepreneur Association has participated as an exhibitor at the Thailand Toy Expo. Hong Kong Art Toy Story gathers artists and brings art toys to be displayed in Thailand in order to promote the Hong Kong art toy industry. Not only does the exhibition introduce interesting design brand toys, but it also provides an opportunity for Hong Kong artists and designers to come and explore the attractiveness of art toys in Thailand, which has a high potential.

About Create Hong Kong (CreateHK), the event’s main sponsor:

Create Hong Kong (CreateHK) is an organization founded by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government in June 2009 to support the growth of the Hong Kong art industry. Since July 1, 2022, CreateHK is under the Culture, Sports, and Tourism Bureau with goals to nurture talents, facilitate startups, explore markets, promote Hong Kong as Asia’s creative capital, and foster a creative atmosphere in the community. CreateHK supports the Innovative Entrepreneur Association (IEA) to organize Hong Kong Art Toy Story events, including ‘Let’s Unbox! 2022 Hong Kong Art Toy Story Exhibition, Thailand Chapter in 2022’, ‘Hong Kong Pavilion’ at Thailand Toy Expo 2023, Design Licensing and Business (DLAB) Support Scheme, and other projects, to promote Hong Kong’s creative industries. More information can be found on the website:

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